Descriptions of our project locations

The very beautiful country houses build with countrylike characteristic and a natural stone facade are located between Porec and Novigrad within Vabriga, only 5 1/2 hours away from Munich and can easily be reached via the international airport Pula ( aprox. 45 min. by car).

Vabriga is situated at a distance of approximately 800 m from the sea. It has a fishing harbour and  typical regional restaurants and shopping facilities, where all basic necessities can be purchased, are located within walking distance.

The two historical towns of Novigrad and Porec are situated about seven minutes away by car. Here you will find an extraordinary range of culinary offers, inviting you to come and enjoy the towns’ unspoilt beauty and romantic atmosphere – and spend days and evenings here you will never forget.

The location between the romantic towns of Poreč and Novigrad is, of course, one of Vabriga’s main advantages.

Vabriga is also one of the few spots on the coast of Istria which is not overrun by tourists and is instead built up with structures in the typical local style. In addition to our projects, in recent years, Vabriga’s charm has also helped create an image of higher quality overall, which, in turn, has attracted more investors.  In perspective, this is a positive development, which could be accelerated with other planned infrastructure improvements such as a nearby golf course and a new fishing port.

An investment in Vabriga at what are currently still moderate price levels could deliver quite a good growth in value over time. There are only a very few pearls left in seaside regions, whether in France, Spain or Italy, that are still largely untouched. It is important to be proactive in identifying these spots and buying in time before prices begin to climb.

Past experience has shown that in addition to land directly on the sea (such as these properties in Vabriga), the limited number of properties with views of the sea (also in Vabriga) also benefit disproportionately from these price increases.



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